China Currency and Travel Guide

Exchanging Chinese Yuan & Travel Tips with WeXchange

What Currency is Used in China?

Are you planning an unforgettable journey to the mesmerising landscapes and vibrant cities of China? Feeling unsure about the best way to manage your travel money? As a reliable currency exchange service headquartered in Melbourne Australia, WeXchange is here to assist you. We will guide you through the nuances of China’s currency, offer advice on where to exchange your Australian Dollars for Chinese Yuan, and even recommend some bucket-list-worthy destinations in China.

The official currency of China is the Renminbi (RMB), with the primary unit being the Chinese Yuan (CNY). The symbol for the Chinese Yuan is ¥.

Denominations for the Chinese Yuan are:

  • Notes: ¥1, ¥5, ¥10, ¥20, ¥50, and ¥100
  • Coins: ¥0.1 (1 Jiao), ¥0.5 (5 Jiao), and ¥1
CNY Chinese Yuan China

While some businesses in large cities might accept credit cards and the locals use WeChat Pay, cash remains the primary mode of transaction for tourists – especially in smaller cities and rural areas. We recommend getting your Chinese Yuan sorted with WeXchange before you leave Australia.

How Should I Carry My Money in China?

While China has made a shift towards digital payments through platforms like WeChat Pay, these options are often unavailable to tourists For this reason, it’s crucial to carry physical Yuan Cash on your trip. Particularly in smaller establishments, street markets, and rural areas, cash remains king. Having a sufficient amount of local currency on hand will undoubtedly enhance your travel experience and ensure seamless transactions throughout your journey

With WeXchange, you can order your Chinese Yuan online and collect it in-store to be prepared for your journey. You’ll avoid the inconvenience of trying to find an exchange bureau with good rates after you land.

Where to Exchange Chinese Yuan?

You can exchange Chinese Yuan in Australia before your departure or after you arrive in China. To avoid dealing with language barriers, high fees, and less favourable exchange rates, we recommend exchanging your currency at WeXchange before your departure. You can do this conveniently online anytime, or in-store during business hours. Get today’s best rates here!

Must-Visit in China and Yuan Money Tips

China, a captivating blend of ancient history and fast-paced modernity, offers diverse landscapes, rich culinary traditions, and awe-inspiring architectural wonders. It’s no wonder that it has become a top destination for Aussie travellers. Here’s a snapshot of must-visit locations in China and some practical tips to handle your money:

1. Beijing 北京

As China’s vibrant capital, Beijing serves as a grand stage where ancient history meets modern ambition. From the awe-inspiring Great Wall to the sprawling Forbidden City, it’s an explorer’s delight. It’s worth noting that cash transactions are preferred by smaller vendors.

Chinese Yuan CNY in Beijing
Chinese Yuan CNY in Shanghai

2. Shanghai 上海

Shanghai is a testament to the harmonious blend of Eastern tradition and Western modernity. With a skyline that takes your breath away, it’s essential to have some cash ready for the enticing street foods and buzzing local markets.

3. Xi’an 西安

Home to the mesmerising Terracotta Army, Xi’an offers a journey into China’s rich past. Local transportation and quaint vendors often rely on cash transactions, so keep your Yuan notes within reach.

Chinese Yuan CNY in Xi'an
Chinese Yuan CNY Travel in Guilin

4. Guilin 桂林

Celebrated for its heavenly karst landscapes, Guilin is a haven for nature lovers. When participating in local tours or dining at rural eateries, cash transactions are the norm.

5. Chengdu 成都

Chengdu, renowned as the home of the Giant Pandas, also tantalises visitors with its fiery Sichuan cuisine. For a seamless journey, keep Yuan notes at hand for transactions at small-scale establishments and taxi rides.

Chinese Yuan CNY Travel in Chengdu

Your Travel Money Sorted with WeXchange

Remember, wherever you go in China, having local currency at hand will make your journey smoother. With WeXchange, you can secure your Chinese Yuan (CNY) before you go, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience in the ‘Middle Kingdom.’

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