Heading to Europe this

European Summer?

Wexchange's Guide on European Destinations and Currencies

So you’re heading off to Europe this European Summer?
First of all, great decision! Europe is one of the most diverse continents in the world with a huge mix of people, languages and of course…..currencies!

Here at WeXchange not only do we want to help you find the right currency that you are looking for, (we hold most of the major ones!) we also decided you may enjoy some helpful tips and funny anecdotes to help make your trip as memorable as possible!

So, from our resident travel writer, here are some of our best tips for travel around the amazing continent of Europe!

Croatia - Croatian Kuna / HRK
Switzerland - Swiss Franc / CHF
France - EUROs / EUR

In these articles we will try and hit some of the main tourist spots that people go to in the Eurozone and mention some of the other non-eurozone countries and hopefully give you some inspiration for your trip. Remember that every country we mention in this, WeXchange stocks the currency for!

First of all did you know that every member of the European Union is obliged to eventually join the Eurozone, with the only exceptions being the UK and Denmark? This means that over the coming years the 19 current members of the Eurozone will be expanding to 26, but until then there are a number of countries that do not use the Euro. Our handy list below will give you an idea of what currency you need for each destination, and how WeXchange can help get your foreign cash sorted.

Click on the destinations below to find out more!

Eurozone Destinations

Non Euro-zone Destinations