Hong Kong Currency and Travel Guide

Exchanging Hong Kong Dollars & Travel Tips with WeXchange

What Currency is Used in Hong Kong?

Planning a trip to the unique and dazzling city of Hong Kong? Need guidance on the best way to handle your travel money? WeXchange, a reliable currency exchange service based in Melbourne, Australia, is here to help. We offer you insights into Hong Kong’s currency, advice on where to exchange your Australian Dollars for Hong Kong Dollars, and even suggest some unmissable destinations in Hong Kong.

The official currency of Hong Kong is the Hong Kong Dollar (HKD). The symbol for the Hong Kong Dollar is HK$.

Denominations for the Hong Kong Dollar are:

  • Notes: HK$10, HK$20, HK$50, HK$100, HK$500, and HK$1,000
  • Coins: HK$1, HK$2, HK$5, 10 cents, 20 cents, and 50 cents

While many businesses in Hong Kong accept credit cards, cash remains the primary mode of transaction for tourists, especially in street markets and smaller businesses. We recommend getting your Hong Kong Dollars sorted with WeXchange before you leave Australia.

How Should I Carry My Money in Hong Kong?

Though Hong Kong is technologically advanced and has embraced digital payments, cash is still essential, especially for tourists. Many small businesses, local eateries, and traditional markets prefer cash payments. Therefore, it’s prudent to carry physical HKD Cash with you. Order your Hong Kong Dollars travel money online with WeXchange and pick them up in-store for a stress-free preparation for your trip. Check out our best rates to exchange HKD.

Money Tip: The HK$1,000 may not be accepted at all shops or restaurants, due to it’s high value. WeXchange recommends getting a mixture of HKD note denominations for your trip, so you can easily pay as soon as your arrive. Order online with WeXchange, and request either small, medium or large denominations to organise the most convenient travel money for your Hong Kong adventure.

Where to Exchange Hong Kong Dollars?

You can exchange Hong Kong Dollars in Australia before your departure or after you arrive in Hong Kong. To avoid dealing with less favourable exchange rates and high fees, we recommend exchanging your currency at WeXchange before your departure. You can do this conveniently online anytime, or in-store during business hours. Get today’s best rates here!

Must-Visit in Hong Kong and HKD Money Tips

Hong Kong is a fusion of East meets West, a city where towering skyscrapers neighbour ancient traditions. As such, it is a top destination for Aussie travellers. Here are some must-visit locations in Hong Kong and some practical tips to handle your money:

1. Victoria Peak

Offering the most breathtaking views of the city, Victoria Peak is a must-visit. From here, you can take in panoramic views of Hong Kong’s skyline, Victoria Harbour, and the surrounding islands. Make sure to carry some cash for purchasing tickets to the Peak Tram, local eateries, and quaint souvenir shops.

Hong Kong, Victoria Peak
Hong Kong, Stanley Park

2. Stanley Market

This bustling street market is famous for its wide array of goods, from silk garments to traditional Chinese artwork. A charming warren of lanes, Stanley Market offers a unique, quieter side of Hong Kong away from the hustle and bustle. Remember, bargaining is commonplace here, and cash is preferred.

3. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

From here, you can experience the best skyline views, visit fascinating museums, and walk along the Avenue of Stars. As one of the city’s most spectacular shorelines, this area offers a breathtaking view of the Harbour. While major attractions accept cards, having cash handy for smaller vendors and transport is a smart move.

Tsim Sha Tsui
Lan Kwai Fong

4. Lan Kwai Fong

The city’s central party destination, Lan Kwai Fong boasts an array of bars, restaurants, and clubs. This lively neighbourhood is the heart of Hong Kong’s nightlife and is especially vibrant during celebrations like Halloween and New Year’s Eve. Carry cash for cover charges, tips, and local food vendors in the area.

5. Wong Tai Sin Temple

This renowned shrine provides an insight into the city’s rich spiritual traditions. Known for its fortune-telling tradition, this temple sees a throng of devotees seeking good luck through offerings and prayers. Small donations and offerings are commonly made in cash.

Hong Kong, Wong Tai Sin Temple

Your Travel Money Sorted with WeXchange

Remember, when exploring the fascinating city of Hong Kong, having local currency readily available will make your journey smoother. With WeXchange, you can secure your Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) before you go, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience in this vibrant city. Convert your AUD to HKD with WeXchange today.

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