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Exchanging US Dollars & Travel Tips with WeXchange

Getting to Know the US Dollar

Are you dreaming of exploring the vast landscapes of the USA? Curious about how to handle your travel finances? At WeXchange, a well-established currency exchange service in Melbourne, Australia, we’ve got your back. This guide will help you understand US currency, offer tips on exchanging your AUD for USD, and highlight some must-visit American destinations.

The official currency of the USA is the US Dollar, symbolised as $ or USD. Here are the denominations you’ll encounter:

  • Notes come in $1, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100
  • Coins are known as cents, with denominations of 1¢ (penny), 5¢ (nickel), 10¢ (dime), 25¢ (quarter), as well as the less commonly used $1 coin
USD Dollar Notes Fanned Out
US Dollars (USD)

While cards are widely accepted in the USA, it’s always smart to have cash on hand for small businesses, tips, and tolls.

The Cash vs. Card Scenario in the USA

The USA is a card-friendly country with credit and debit cards widely accepted. However, it’s still important to have some cash for situations where cards might not be the best option. Tipping, for example, is a common practice in the USA, and it’s often easier to do with cash. Additionally, some toll roads and parking meters require cash payment.

To make your trip as smooth as possible, WeXchange recommends converting your AUD to USD before you leave. Doing so will ensure you have cash for any situation and can avoid foreign ATM withdrawal fees.

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Where to Exchange Your AUD to USD?

You can choose to exchange your AUD for USD either in Australia before your trip or upon arrival in the USA. We at WeXchange suggest preparing ahead to secure the best exchange rates and avoid the fees that can come with last-minute exchanges.

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Bucket List Destinations and Money Tips

The USA offers a vibrant mix of cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes, bustling cities, and historic landmarks. Here are some top destinations and money tips for your American adventure:

1. New York City

Dive into the vibrant life of NYC, from the electrifying atmosphere of Times Square to the majestic Statue of Liberty. While exploring the city that never sleeps, it’s handy to have some cash for street vendors, quaint corner cafes, and tipping at the numerous world-class restaurants and hotels.

Travel Tips and US Dollar in New York
Travel Tips and US Dollar in Hollywood

2. Los Angeles

Experience the allure of LA with its sun-kissed beaches and the famous Hollywood sign. LA is known for its fantastic service industry, so remember to have cash available for tipping at restaurants, bars, and valet services.

3. Las Vegas

Welcome to the city of endless entertainment! Amidst the dazzling casinos and captivating shows, remember that tipping is a common practice here. And, in some of the city’s vintage casinos, you might even find some slot machines that still operate with coins or cash!

Travel Tips and US Dollar in Las Vegas
Travel Tips and US Dollar in Grand Canyon

4. Grand Canyon

Experience the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. Remember to keep some cash handy for park entrance fees, snack shops, and small stalls selling indigenous crafts and souvenirs.

5. Orlando

Home to some of the world’s most beloved theme parks, Orlando is a dream destination for families. Ensure you have some cash ready for unexpected expenses like lockers, parking, and delightful snack stalls that dot the parks.


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