Vietnam Currency and Travel Guide

Exchanging Vietnamese Dong & Travel Tips with WeXchange

What Currency is Used in Vietnam?

Preparing for an unforgettable journey to the enthralling landscapes and dynamic cities of Vietnam? Feeling unsure about managing your travel money? As a trusted currency exchange service based in Melbourne, Australia, WeXchange is here to guide you through Vietnam’s currency, offer advice on where to exchange your Australian Dollars for Vietnamese Dong, and even recommend some must-see destinations in Vietnam.

The official currency of Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong (VND), with the symbol being ₫.

Denominations for the Vietnamese Dong are:

  • Notes: ₫100, ₫200, ₫500, ₫1,000, ₫2,000, ₫5,000, ₫10,000, ₫20,000, ₫50,000, ₫100,000, ₫200,000, and ₫500,000
  • Coins: ₫200, ₫500, ₫1,000, ₫2,000, and ₫5,000

While larger businesses in cities might accept credit cards, cash remains the primary mode of transaction – especially in smaller cities, rural areas, and local markets. We recommend securing your Vietnamese Dong with WeXchange before you leave Australia.

How Should I Carry My Money in Vietnam?

Carrying physical Vietnamese Dong cash on your trip is crucial. In particular, smaller establishments, street markets, and rural areas predominantly prefer cash transactions. Having a sufficient amount of local currency will undeniably enhance your travel experience and ensure seamless transactions throughout your journey.

With WeXchange, you can order your Vietnamese Dong online and collect it in-store before your journey. You’ll avoid the inconvenience of trying to find an exchange bureau with competitive rates after you land.

Where to Exchange Vietnamese Dong?

You can exchange Vietnamese Dong in Australia before your departure or after you arrive in Vietnam. To avoid dealing with language barriers, high fees, and less favourable exchange rates, we recommend exchanging your currency at WeXchange before your departure. You can do this conveniently online anytime, or in-store during business hours. Get today’s best AUD to VND rates here! Check today’s best rates here.

Discover Vietnam: Essential Stops and Dong Currency Advice

Vietnam, an enchanting blend of rich history and fast-paced modernity, offers stunning landscapes, delectable cuisine, and breathtaking architectural wonders. Here’s a snapshot of must-visit locations in Vietnam and some practical tips to handle your money:

1. Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a fascinating blend of East and West, combining traditional Sino-Vietnamese motifs with French flair. Don’t forget to have some cash on hand to try out the street food, particularly the famous Pho. With cash readily available, you can also indulge in local favourites like Bánh Mì or Bún Chả, often found in the city’s vibrant markets.


2. Ho Chi Minh City

Previously known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City is a city of commerce and culture. From the bustling markets to the hidden alleyways, you’ll need Dong for a genuinely immersive experience. Cash will also come in handy when exploring the city’s cultural landmarks like the War Remnants Museum or Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon.

3. Da Nang

Known for its sandy beaches and history as a French colonial port, Da Nang is a coastal city in central Vietnam. Make sure to have Dong cash on hand for a ride on the scenic Hai Van Pass. Also, consider visiting the Marble Mountains, an enchanting cluster of marble and limestone hills, where Dong cash will be essential for entry fees and local vendors.


4. Hoi An

Hoi An is a well-preserved ancient town, known for its diverse range of architecture, including the iconic Japanese covered bridge. Having Vietnamese Dong on hand is essential when bargaining in its bustling markets. Use your Dong cash to enjoy a leisurely boat ride on the Thu Bon River or taste the local delicacy, Cao Lầu.

5. Hue

Full of palaces and pagodas, tombs and temples, culture and cuisine, Hue is one of Vietnam’s most exciting towns. Cash is king in this historic town, so be sure to have enough Dong for your exploration. Wander through the Imperial City or embark on a tranquil cruise down the Perfume River, and don’t forget to sample local cuisine like Bún Bò Huế.


Your Travel Money Sorted with WeXchange

Remember, wherever you go in Vietnam, having local currency at hand will make your journey smoother. With WeXchange, you can secure your Vietnamese Dong (VND) before you go, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience in the captivating landscapes of Vietnam. Organise your travel money and exchange VND with WeXchange today.

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