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Travelling To Europe? WeXchange can help.

For many Australians, the tyranny of distance makes Europe feel out of reach, with many opting for a closer, more affordable options in our backyard. But for others, the culture, food, architecture and energy beckon them time and time again to a continent that is constantly evolving with new things to see and do, with a changing climate comes the change in costs, so make sure you exchange money with us before you leave. So, what’s there to do in the EU? Let’s find out together.


Local meal -   €8 ($12.00 AUD)
Hostel - €25 ($37.49AUD)
2-Hour train ride : €25 ($37.62 AUD)

Helsinki, the beating heart of Finland, is a picture perfect seaside city with beautiful islands and lush, green open park spaces. The city is vibrant, but incredibly laid back, teeming with art, fashion, architecture and a thriving nightclub scene. It is a relatively small city that can be explored by foot or bycicle. So if you are interested in quality design, architecture, culture and shopping, then Helsinki is the place for you.


Dorm Room - €25 ($37.62 AUD)
Lunch on the Seine - €6.50 ($9.76 AUD)
Museum Pass - €42 (two days)  ($63.07 AUD)

The city of lights shines brighter than ever as the centre of art culture and commerce in Europe. There are the usual things you can do, like scale the Eiffel Tower or spend hours wandering the Louvre, but there are so many different facets of countries capital that you can explore. With some of the best shopping, food and entertainment around, you better come with a few dollars as you’ll want to stop every two minutes at a vintage shop or casually eat your weight in cheese.


Glass of Prosecco - €1.50 ($2.25 AUD)
Budget Accomodation - €40 ($60.07 AUD)
Vaporetto (water bus) - €7 ($10.51 AUD)

Nothing prepares you for the weirdness that is seeing Venice for the first time. Made up of 100 small islands in a lagoon with bridges, gondolas and glass blowing on every corner.  You can easily get lost on its cobbled streets and piazzas that seem to appear from nowhere.  Venice also teems with amazing art and architecture that has changed little since the Renaissance.


Budget Accommodation - €60 ($90.02 AUD)
Bike Rental - €5 a day ($7.50 AUD)
Lunch - €20 ($30.09 AUD)  

People love Amsterdam for its relaxed, liberal-minded attitudes and biking paths that traverse and connect the city and if you are into Van Gogh, there is no better place to go. There is an incredible energy to Amsterdam that you won’t get anywhere is in Europe because of its relaxed attitude towards activities that would otherwise be considered illegal in other countries if you choose to do so, do it responsibly. Amsterdam also has a colourful war history with Anne Frank’s house a must for any visitor to the city.


Single Scoop Gelato - €3 ($4.50 AUD)
Budget Accomodation:   €25 ($37.51 AUD)
Mondo Music Festival - €15 ($22.50 AUD)

If you a diehard histroy buff, then you'll love Rome. Italy’s capital is a heaving modern motropolis with nearly 3,000 years of globally important art, architecture and culture just begging to be explored. Everywhere you look is ancient ruins dot the city. The Forum and the Colosseum evoke the power of the former Roman Empire. Vatican City, the centre of Roman Catholocism houses St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums, which house masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes.


Dorm Bed €17 ($25.58AUD)
Open Air Cinema - €6 ($9.00 AUD)
10 ticket travel pass  €9.95 ($14.93 AUD)

Barcelona is a city as surreal as its architecture. The capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, it is famous for its art and architecture, beautiful beaches and legendary nightlife. The Sagrada Família church and other modernist landmarks designed by Antoni Gaudí dot the city.The Picasso Museum and Joan Miró Foundation feature modern masterpieces by their namesakes. Day or night, there is so much to do in Barcelona that a siesta in the middle makes sense.

If you need to exchange currency before you go, or need any further travel tips, speak to WeXchange today or go to www.wexchange.com.au and we can assist you further.


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