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Planning a trip in September, October or November? Join our whirlwind tour of the world and its best destinations to visit during the autumn months

Where to go in Europe



September is a great time for wine lovers to visit the vineyard towns of France, with Provence hosting festivities to welcome the much-anticipated grape harvest. The Ban des Vendanges (wine harvest celebration), which takes place in the beautiful coastal town of Cassis, provides an excellent opportunity to sample the region’s best wines.



If you're more of a beer connoisseur, look no further than Oktoberfest. The world-famous German beer festival, held inMunich, dates back to the celebration of Ludwig I and Princess Therese’s wedding in 1810 – and the party has never stopped. Traditionally taking place in the 16 days running up to the first Sunday of October, revellers enjoy all the fun of the fair and consume gargantuan quantities of beer, carried around  litres at a time by the energetic barmaids. This year the party begins on 17 September).



 With the weather warm but not too hot, September is also the ideal time to explore the coast of Turkey to take advantage of the spectacular sailing, diving and snorkelling opportunities available. The turquoise waters reveal spectacular cave formations and submerged wrecks. October marks the lower season where you can expect prices to be about 15-20% but it's best to bargain. Note that many small hotels, restaurants and pensions may close during this time of year. If anything, it makes the beaches that little bit quieter



For opera buffs, a visit to Italy in October is in order; the annual Parma Verdi Festival is rumoured to be fantastic. Since 2004, the city of Parma has hosted the event, which boasts top-of-the-line shows and opera tours to boot. This year's festival kicks off on 30 September. Further west there's Venice, known for its melancholy air in the late autumn months as the heaving crowds disperse and seekers of a romantic long weekend can find that it holds a unique appeal. The lagoon city becomes swathed in atmospheric mists and is far quieter than during the (often pungent) summer months


United Kingdom

Spectacular firework displays are held all over the United Kingdom on 5 November (and on the weekends either side of this date) to celebrate Bonfire Night. The most impressive displays can usually be seen in on of the capital city's many parks. The event commemorates the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’s foiled attempt to destroy Parliament. You'll also see gigantic bonfires at the events, usually with effigies of Fawkes placed on top

Where to go in Asia and the Pacific


Did you know that October and early November is a favourite time of year for the people of Tokyo? There are many mellow fall days when the city can show off its autumnal colours; ideal for strolling in Tokyo’s famous parks and gardens. Meanwhile, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Osaka makes for the ultimate destination for families (and Potter fans of all ages). 


Speaking of Asia, November is an ideal time to visit Vietnam as the weather is cool and the rainfall is low – perfect for exploring the wide diversity of landscapes squeezed into the country’s relatively compact area. The beginning of the peak season is in mid-December so fly out earlier to enjoy the forests and beaches without the crowds.

Where to go in North America


Late September is the beginning of the 'leaf peeping' season in the far north of New England. The crimsons and golds of the tree leaves spread southwards as fall rolls on into October. Note that this counts as high season in New England, so hotel rates will climb in popular vacation spots.

The weather is usually crisp yet pleasant at this time of year in northern California and the Pacific Northwest. This makes early fall a great time to plan a visit to the national parks of western USA– beat the crowds before roads and trails close for winter at the Grand CanyonYosemite National ParkMount Rainier and many others.

While summers in San Francisco can be foggy and chilly, September and October are particularly warm and pleasant; unlike in Florida and the Gulf Coast where it's hurricane season!

Both San Francisco and New York City are home to the country's most elaborate and highly spirited costume parades for Halloween. And on the fourth Thursday in November (this year, the 24th), the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade fills the streets of New York with floats of giant inflated balloons, flanked by marching bands.


From late November, skiers can begin to take to the slopes in Canada. With all the flavour of an Alpine town, Banff celebrates the first snowfalls with the WinterStart festival. This time of year also sees many events across the country, including the Atlantic International Balloon Festival, Toronto's Interntional Film Festival and Nuit Blanche.

Source from: https://www.insightguides.com/inspire-me/blog/where-to-go-in-september-october-november


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